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Robert Legan Now Leads Family Office Services

Ultra-Affluent Families Well-Served Through His Experience

By Robert Legan
Learn more about Robert by visiting his bio page.

Whitnell is pleased to announce that Robert Legan is now leading the Family Office Service team. His background in working with ultra-affluent families made him the obvious choice for this role. For those who may not be aware, the Family Office Service team at Whitnell works with a select group of ultra-affluent families who have complex financial needs.

As families grow in wealth, they often begin to share ownership of assets among numerous nuclear families across multiple generations. This requires harmonizing the goals of various family members across generational boundaries and between family lines. Family leaders often turn to specialized professional advisors including attorneys, accountants, investment consultants and insurance specialists. But even this can create complications. Coordinating the efforts of numerous professional advisors requires management. Ultra-affluent families need a strategic partner to get all advisors on the same page and pulling in one direction. This is why Whitnell provides Family Office Services.

“I’m pleased to lead the Family Office Services team at Whitnell” states Mr. Legan. “I am passionate about working with families who face the unique challenges associated with multi-generational wealth. This is a natural progression in my career.”

“We are fortunate to have Bob lead this important team” states William Thonn, President and CEO. “Bob has faithfully served Whitnell families for several years now. I am very confident that this move will allow Whitnell to continue to provide comfort and peace-of-mind for ultra-affluent families.”

To learn more about Mr. Legan, please visit his bio page or view the articles he’s written:

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“I enjoy serving ultra-affluent families because I value trust and discretion. They often have very complex financial lives and multi-generational stakeholders who see things in different ways. I find satisfaction in leading a team of advisors in a united effort to serve these families exceptionally well.”