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Family Office Services        The Whitnell Approach

Whitnell Family Office provides a comprehensive and strategic approach to help families who have accumulated wealth manage and conserve it for future generations.

At Whitnell, we practice a five-step approach to delivering Family Office services:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Reviews

During discovery we learn how the family is addressing issues across key areas based on the family’s history and its values, legal structures, advisors, assets and family members' preferences. We learn the current structure by which family wealth is managed and where family members perceive deficiencies in that structure.

We want to know your family's wish-list for:

  • Operating and communication efficiencies
  • Cost-effective structures
  • Reducing reporting and communication challenges among specialized advisors
  • Developing a resolution process to deal with typical family-member conflicts
  • Educating younger family members

We discover your family history and values by building a picture of the family tree, the generational lines and involvement in the family business, if applicable. We learn your family’s goals and concerns regarding succession of the business and succession of the wealth. We investigate the effect of geographic dispersion on family decision-making. We listen carefully for the values and ethics that have given rise to the family's success.

We also learn the legal components of family wealth. We discover how decisions are being made and who is involved in these decisions. We seek to understand the range of advisors the family has in place and how those advisors assist the family.

We develop a thorough understanding of family assets including operating businesses, real estate, private collections and financial assets, and the legal structures in which the assets are held. We explore the preferences and long-standing arrangements which are to be respected.

During analysis we evaluate the information derived from our investigation and compare it with the family's wish lists and concerns. We then develop a blueprint of alternative operating models that can be employed to achieve the family goals. Our operating models are based upon our extensive experience of working with multi-generational families.

We then present our findings and provide family members a range of options for achieving the goals that most matter to them. We help the family prioritize options and weigh the merits and costs of each alternative.

We work with the family and its advisors to implement a plan and ensure its success. We provide detailed analytics in comprehensive reports designed to clearly address the family's need for clarity and understanding. We establish a reporting schedule with key family members to document progress against goals and advise on the decisions that need to be made.

Ongoing Reviews:
We meet regularly with family members to review any changes in their financial and personal lives. We report regularly on their progress against financial goals. We discuss pressing decisions that family members may be considering. We anticipate changing needs and proactively recommend solutions and modify the plan to achieve success.

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