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Investment Management        The Whitnell Approach

At Whitnell, we practice a seven-step approach to building and executing our clients’ investment plans:

  • Discovery
  • Identification
  • Advisement
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Monitoring

In the discovery phase, we get to know our clients deeply. We ask questions about their relationships and who is important to them. They never fill out a questionnaire. We really want to understand the reasons for the decisions they’ve made regarding their investment portfolio.

We take the necessary time to gather their investment documents so we have an overview of their entire portfolio. We typically gather statements from all of their investment accounts to understand their current portfolio. We ask questions about risk and volatility and come to understand why they have made certain decisions in the past.

During identification, we help our clients identify their risk and return objectives. We come to understand how they want their wealth to support the ones they love, the lifestyle they want to live and the charities they want to support.

We advise our clients on different approaches and options for portfolio construction and Whitnell’s investment philosophy. We discuss return expectations based upon the level of risk taken. We answer all of our client’s questions to help them understand the reasoning behind our approach.

During analysis, we closely scrutinize their current portfolio for three things:

  • How their current portfolio matches up to their goals and objectives.
  • Inconsistencies between their stated goals and their current asset allocation.
  • Opportunities that will increase the likelihood of achieving goals. This can include new investment opportunities or adjustments to existing investments.

We present the findings of our analysis to our clients and provide them with a comprehensive investment plan for achieving the goals that matter most to them. We collaborate as a team in final decision-making.

We implement the details of the plan on their behalf within the guidelines set forth in their Investment Policy Statement and manage their portfolios in an asset allocation program designed to achieve their objectives. We also discuss with our clients how often they wish to meet with us to review their investment program.

Ongoing Monitoring:
We provide our clients with comprehensive reports and meet with them on an ongoing basis, to review any changes in their circumstances and discuss progress against goals. We modify the investment plan as needed to accommodate changes in their situation.

Clients benefit from our investment committee's thinking. Our investment committee meets on a regular basis to analyze macro economic conditions to take advantage of market opportunities. We are always seeking value-added investment opportunities. Every investment we make is approved and reviewed on an ongoing basis by our investment committee comprised of multiple professional advisors.

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