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Retirement Planning        The Impact of This Service

There are several quantifiable outcomes from the retirement planning process which our clients deem very desirable. By going through this process, our clients gain a realistic sense of what they need to do to retire based on quantifiable projections. This takes the guess-work out of the process. Clients come to see, in concrete terms, how decisions they make today regarding their wealth impact how they will live in the future. They see how decisions made today produce consequences for the future.

Many clients begin to see a relationship between how a dollar saved today goes to meet a specific retirement objective. Clients who go through this process are no longer flying blind about retirement. Many clients adjust their lifestyle to accomplish their retirement goals. Their adjustments are based on solid projections, not hunches. For some clients, this may mean that they save more and spend less. While for other clients, this could mean they can spend more and save less.

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