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Business Owners
Wealthy Families

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Who We Serve

Whitnell serves affluent families, many of whom, like us, have deep roots in Midwestern soil and values. Many of these families view their wealth not merely as assets, income or investments, but as the means by which they protect and comfort the ones they love.

Our clients have usually acquired their wealth in one of three ways.

  • Business Owners – who own, or once owned, a successful business, often a family business, which is both a source of pride and income for their families.
  • Executives – who have had a strong income for many years, who may have substantial equity in the company they serve and who have retired or deem retirement planning as critical to their future.
  • Wealthy Families – who have tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, of dollars in investable assets and a very complex set of holdings that can include a primary business, real estate, collectibles and other high-value assets.

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mia erickson

“Today’s investors have more options and education than ever before. But learning doesn’t necessarily create wisdom. I enjoy leading our investment committee to create unique solutions that the guys on TV simply miss.”